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Local Pittsburgh Flowers Available in August for Wedding Florists

August is a GREAT month for local flowers in Pittsburgh! The selection is truly magical and has so many options for a variety of different color palettes and aesthetics. Aceae Flowers has a great selection of classic garden grown flowers that we use for our wedding clients that range from Dahlias, zinnias, and cosmos to lisianthus and hydrangeas.

Adding some locally grown seasonal flowers to wedding floral designs are a great way to support local growers and to add a special unique touch to your event!

So what kind of flowers are available for your August wedding in Pittsburgh?

If you are looking for soft colors for a more summer garden pastel vibe, there's still a lot of soft colors available even though we're approaching fall!

Consider the following:

-Blush Cosmos

-Summer Pastel Yarrow

-Cream Zinnias

-Pink Feather Celosia

-Apricot Crested Celosia

-Lavender Lisianthus

Local Pastel Flower Varieties for August Weddings in Pittsburgh

Want something that is more colorful and summery? Ask for marigolds, cosmos, and specialty sunflowers! Hanging amaranthus always adds a really fun and textural element to arrangements, especially any kind of installation or elevated centerpiece! And always consider lisianthus and scabiosa. These flowers come in some really unique shades!

Local Colorful Flower Varieties for August Weddings in Pittsburgh

But if you're all in Fall mode, August flowers have you covered as well!

Local Fall Flower Varieties for August Weddings in Pittsburgh

There's really a large variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes of flowers available for those looking to incorporate local flowers in their August wedding. As a Pittsburgh wedding florist, I always try to add a touch of local flowers in to all my designs.

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